Why so cheap? What am I missing?

We are a public transport service, not a tour operator. We have travelled globally as tourists and know public transport should be affordable and reliable and this price point is reflecting just that.

Where do I meet you?

Cape Town: In Green Market Square on the corner of Shortmarket Street and Burg Street. We will be there with a Cape Comoot umbrella.

Franschhoek: In front of the ticket office of the Franschhoek Wine Tram. Your driver will wait for you there with a Cape Comoot umbrella.

Cape Point: By the Cape Point wooden sign in the corner of the main Parking lot at the Cape Point. Your driver will wait for you there with a Cape Comoot umbrella.

Can I pay cash at the starting point?

No. All trips are paid for online via credit/debit card on our website.

Is there a discount when buying multiple tickets with Cape Comoot.

There is not. The price is the lowest price possible already.

What happens if I do not make it before the bus leaves?

Cape Comoot runs on the same terms as a public train or an airline following a pre-determined time schedule. We accept no responsibility for your delay. We run on time, every time.

I want to change or cancel my ticket/s?

Tickets are un changeable and non refundable

Is there Wi-Fi on board the busses?

All our busses have a hotspot with the possibility of connecting up to 10 devices.

What can I do on my own at the Cape Comoot destinations?

See the destination content section of our websites Click here:  Franschoek without a car  Cape Point in two hours and Hermanus by foot

Why do I have to pay R135 extra entrance at the Cape Point?

The Natural Park charges an entrance fee for each person who enters the park. The Park is run by the government and the fee is non-negotiable in terms of discounts etc.

Is there a discount for children?

All the seats are prized at the lowest possible fare – you could say that everyone is travelling at children’s rate.

I left something in the bus?

We do not accept responsibility for any personal items before, during or after your trip. Contact us at and we will endeavour to locate your item and arrange with you to collect the item from our meeting point.

I am disabled, do you cater for wheelchairs?

Some of our vehicles are fit for wheelchairs. Please call and check in advance

Do you operate on Sundays/Public Holidays/Christmas Day/Tuesday?

We operate 365 days a year without exception. Any weather.

I am unhappy with your service/driver/vehicle/time schedule.

We are sorry you’re unhappy. What went wrong for you? Write to us at

I intend to stay for a few days in a location. I need to bring luggage.

We do have space for small on-board suitcases/travel bags, but nothing bulky.

Can I bring my pet?

We cannot allow any animals onto the vehicles due to permit restrictions.

If the vehicle breaks down what will happen?

We have in place standard operating procedures for our drivers in case of such emergencies. The protocol is to get another vehicle to you within an hour and complete the journey. You will receive a refund for such an inconvenience trip experience.

Our driver was not on time.

For the purpose of continued excellent service we encourage you to please come forth should your driver not be at the appointed meeting location at the appointed time. Please report this incident with all the details of the trip to