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Icon May 24, 2017
Icon By Peter Vee
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A new shuttle business has launched in the Western Cape to provide both local and international tourists with affordable transportation to key tourist destinations. Cape Comoot, as it is known, will initially run from Greenmarket Square to Cape Point and Franschhoek and will cost only R99 for a one-way trip.

“Cape Comoot is the brainchild of Martin Bo Nielsen, the founder of Cape Town Free Walking Tours, which has over 60 000 guests yearly. With a history of launching disruptive businesses, Martin and his business partner Yolandie Le Grange have an eye for spotting gaps in the market and a passion for making a difference to communities around them,” states Cape Comoot.

With reliable, safe and cheap travel being such a sought after thing among both tourist and locals, “Cape Town has become a mainstream destination with tourists expecting the same service, facilities and convenience found at destinations such as London, Tokyo or Paris,” says Nielsen.

“Tourists come to South Africa and expect public transport to tourist sites outside of the city centres. The independent travellers also want to go straight to their destination, without the inconvenience of sitting through twenty stops along the way or taking a tour bus. On the walking tours the guests ask us all the time if there are any simple public transport options to destinations outside Cape Town.

“We have been asked how we can provide a shuttle service at R99 one way when the industry is currently charging R800 to R1500 rand easily per person,” adds Cape Comoot co-owner Yolandie Le Grange. “This is part of our bold business model and we know we may get some resistance from the industry. We are absolutely passionate about the fact that guests to the city should be able to take transport at a price closer to what they would get if they were to take public transport in any other global destination.”

Cape Comoot’s shuttles might be the cheapest, but the company is certainly not skimping on quality. Cape Comoot currently has a network of drivers with quality shuttles that have air conditioning, free Wifi, and mobile phone charging stations, redefining what cheap transport means, added Le Grange.

  • Cape Comoot opens for bookings from 4 May and will begin running from 1 June.
  • Tickets can only be booked online at
  • As a start there will be two daily departure times to each destination which will increase soon

The company has plans to expand to Stellenbosch and Hermanus in the near future.


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